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About Business

In today’s review, we will focus on Enchanted Marketing, a company doing an amazing job when it comes to SEO and online advertising campaigns and digital marketing in general.

BusinessIt is every website owner’s dream to have their site rank first on major search engines. One sure way of achieving this is by optimizing your content for SEO.  This means creating relevant content that will increase the number of visitors who view your site. Having a high ranking on search engines has numerous benefits. To begin with, you get more traffic to your site, which leads to an increase in leads and conversions, and ultimately, more revenue.

Owning a website doesn’t mean that you necessarily have all the skills required for optimization and internet marketing. This is why there are people out there with these skills who offer such services. We see websites flourishing and digital agencies producing great content but rarely do we talk about people who make this possible.

Who They Are

Enchanted marketing is a company based in Baltimore. Their main focus is SEO as a long-term strategy for digital marketing organizations, but they also handle other aspects of internet marketing and lead generation. They mostly work with individuals and organizations which focus on the local market and community.

What makes this company great, is their excellent customer service. They believe in keeping their customers happy, which is what drives their focus. That means being responsive but also having a positive ROI on the cost of their services.

What They Do

As a Baltimore SEO company, Enchanted Marketing deal with developing a web presence for your company. This means that you should already own a website to get the most out of their services, although if you need one, they can create it.

By developing the relevant advertising campaigns for your business, they help you generate leads, which translates to more sales. Enchanted marketing will create Facebook and Google online advertising campaigns to generate business coming in the door on a short term basis.

Moreover, they offer great solutions which have long-term benefits for your business. For instance, you cannot have a high ranking on search engines just by the virtue of owning a website and optimizing your content. There is a lot more involved.

Apart from SEO and internet ad campaigns, they offer other services. These include:

  • Content creation
  • Lead capture and generation
  • Website design
  • Video marketing
  • Social media marketing

Enchanted marketing understands that you have so much on your hands. By using their services, you have ample of time to attend to other matters.  They will also ensure that you have a positive ROI that’s sustainable in the long term.

As part of an association of 800 SEO and internet marketing companies worldwide, Enchanted Marketing wants to be industry leaders by providing exceptional services and sustainable internet solutions. They are not limited to the Baltimore area but also serve Annapolis, MD, and the surrounding states. Since it is online they can actually, easily serve people and companies anywhere in the US. Contact them today for a free web evaluation and consultation.

Why You Need QuickBooks For Your Business

Every business needs to be able to keep proper records of its daily transactions. There is so much that can go wrong with manual records, ranging from loss of documents to wrong recording of transactions. However, there is a wide array of accounting software you may consider using, to manage your business transactions.

QuickBookQuickBooks is one of these accounting software, which has gained rapid popularity over the years. It offers each business tailored solutions to their accounting problems, from keeping track of sales and expenses to sending invoices and generating planning and tax reports. Your business accountant can help you set it up properly.

There are various reasons why many small to mid-size businesses opt for QuickBooks as their accounting program of choice. Here are top 5 reasons why you also need QuickBooks for your business.

Easily Customizable

This software is designed to work well with almost any small business. You can customize your documents and reports using QuickBooks to suit all your business needs. One of the most notable features is exporting reports you generate to other applications at ease. This is because it has been designed to be highly compatible with vertical market applications such as construction and Point of Sale.


QuickBooks is one of the most affordable accounting programs we have out there. The price depends on the specific product you want.  With the wide array of solutions offered, you will not find another accounting software that offers you a better value for your money.

If you run a small to mid-sized business in the service industry, we would recommend the Online version that goes for approx. $15-$50 each month. For businesses in other industries, the Desktop version is best, and you would need to pay about $299-$1500 monthly. Self-employed people only need to pay approx. $10-$17 per month, with any business in need of a Mac solution paying an overall feel of $299 each month.

Ease Of Use

QuickBooks is quite easy to use once you have installed it properly. It allows you to record, organize and report the relevant financial information according to the set accounting standards in your region. Having trouble with the setup? You can hire a qualified business accountant to help you with the installation.


With QuickBooks, you don’t have to worry about the software crashing or losing your documents. Reason being, this program has been heavily tested over the years to enhance its stability.

Keep in mind that QuickBooks is merely an accounting tool. Its only job is to complement the skill and expertise of a business accountant.  Purchasing this software for your business will see you implement a different accounting approach that will be highly beneficial to your business model.